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Date:2007-07-09 16:52
Subject:health week from hell -- R.I.P. Wubby
Mood: sad

The week didn't start off well -- any week that starts off with an appointment at the High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic isn't going to be a great one. So after deciding I would be a great candidate for gentic testing, the doctor says it's my mom who would actually be tested, but her insurance company isn't going to go for that. Additionally, the doc scheduled me for an MRI ASAP to find out what the shadow in my mammogram/ultrasound is. I should have the results tomorrow.

Yesterday, after R's family left to head the 8 hours back home, R and I were looking forward to a shlubby Sunday. But Wubby was acting very very sick. We found an emergency vet that would take exotic animals up in Carmel, but once we got there, the stabilization alone was going to be $500. The vet was very nice, but we were looking at $600 just to run tests to find out what was happening, and he wasn't looking good. We brought him home, and during the night last night, he died. He was only about a year and a half old.

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Date:2007-07-04 12:21
Subject:Here we go ...

Today my soon to be inlaws will come stay with us for the next 4 days. Wish me luck!

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Date:2007-06-19 20:52
Subject:I just spent $110 on caupcake liners

They are freakin' cool though.

Black cupcake liners. Dude.

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Date:2007-06-12 22:05
Subject:Bridal panic

Doctors are evil and I have too many flowers that need glued.

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Date:2007-05-22 22:38
Subject:I bought a new car!

I bought, almost on a whim, a 1991 Geo Tracker from a couple in Anderson, who turned out to be good friends of my friend Rita. Talk about synchronistic. A guy at work posted out that gas went to $3.60 today and I went browsing at, knowing I needed to get rid of The Beast. I saw the Tracker, called, went out there and bought it for $1600. R and I will pick it up Saturday. I will have to put a new exhaust on it, but if I can sell The Beast for $2000 or even $1800 I will almost break even.

In other news, I haven't updated in some time.

We entered Orb in a hamster ball race. That was embarrassing. Not only was I surrounded by little kids, but when she hit the track, she didn't move. Oh well, R got me a Hamtrack race track for her for my birthday, so it's all good. Speaking of, we did Build a Bear for my 33rd b-day. That was fun! I spent $50 making a stuffed rabbit, but R's parents had sent me a Simon Mall gift card for $50 so I didn't feel so bad about splurging. Other gifts from R included a ginourmous new cage for Sir Robin, "Mallrats" and more that I can't think of right now. After Build a Bear we went to Ralph's Great Divide for dinner, where the server treated us like infidels. Ralph's was a possibility for the rehearsal dinner, but now I am not so sure. However, I found out that Bazbeaux is out of the question, as they won't even take reservations.

Let's see ... T had to drop out of the wedding and I replaced her with ST, which all worked out for the best, because when I asked her at her b-day Steak n Shake dinner, she was so touched she cried. So I have three girly attendants now. I also was able to switch the bridesmaid dress back to what I wanted.

I also spent 12 hours in the ER a couple weeks ago, adding to financial woes. But since I hit my deductible, I had my first mammogram last week. I have to go back for a second photo shoot Thursday though for the right side. Not sure why, just responding to doctor's orders.

I know more has happened than that -- I just can't think of it all now. I waited too long to get it all down ... Besides, Sir Robin just had some kind of weird seizure fit so now I'm freaked out about him. He seems fine now, but it scared me nonetheless.

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Date:2007-03-25 22:37

I bought a second pair of white Mary Janes for the wedding, but these are different. Again with the spending too much money.

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Date:2007-03-25 22:34
Subject:The ceiling fell in
Mood: tired

Sadly, even though it was the most beautiful day we have had this year, I spent today cleaning. At one point, R and I heard a thud and, sure enough, the ceiling had collapsed.

Thankfully, it was in the coat closet, but it still has to be fixed.

I spent too much money on summer clothes this week due to a rash of spring fever. I am now broke for the next 2 weeks.

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Date:2007-03-09 15:54
Mood: happy

I just got an awesome deal on eBay for attendant gifts for the wedding!

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Date:2007-03-09 13:52
Mood: drained

Today is Friday, and traditionally all the girls at work (well, most of them, the ones we all like) go out to lunch.

Today, however, all but 1 other girl and I wimped out, so instead I went running an errand.

For Christmas, my future in-laws gave me a $50 gift card to Simon Malls. Now, I go to a mall maybe once a year, and usually under duress, so this was a conundrum. However, as wedding expenses total up, I decided the perfect way to use the gift card was to get the long-line bra I need for my new dress.

So first I was going to head to Glendale. I searched and searched for a web site, to see what was still there, and open, during its huge makeover. Seems the web site everyone had posted for them is now defunct. I finally found a list of major stores via a Star article, irony. But then I realized Glendale may not be a Simon Mall. Yup, turned out I was right. However, Lafayette Square (or Scare, as it is colloquially called) is, and it is reasonably close to work. Plus, the Simon site said they have a Macy's.

So come noon off I go, in the beautiful weather that made me consider taking the convertible top down, even though there is still a hint of chill in the air, but this is the first almost-60 day we have had.

I get to the mall, and have to drive all the way around it before I find Macy's. On the way, I pass Sears, and something tells me I should stop in there, but no, I think, Macy's is better.

After parking and entering and finding the lingerie department, I wander a bit and finally ask the cashier where I can find a long-line bra. "If we have them, they are mixed in with the other bras," she states. I.e., I don't know, find them for yourself. Helpful! I came to Macy's expecting service. Wrong expectation. I wander for just a couple more minutes and finally face the fact that I am going to have to walk the mall -- the mall that has a reputation for rapings in the bathrooms and shootings in the halls. So I gird my loins, so to speak, and head out.

I remembered that there is also a Victoria's Secret listed as being here, so I am keeping an eye out. There are scant people in the hallways and bored looking clerks lurking in doorways. I think, this isn't so bad, until I come upon a gold seller kiosk with a large banner that proclaims "SPECIAL ON GOLD TEETH!" Alllllllll righty then. Thankfully, about that time I see the Victoria's Secret and duck in.

Finally, just what I was looking for. No clerks help me though to make sure I get the right size. I am ignored when I walk in, but when another couple walks in behind me, a woman materializes from nowhere to chat them up -- they seem to be friends of hers. So I take one of the few bras hanging on the rack to look for the size, and come upon the price tag. $78. Dead Goddess -- that's more than I paid for my dress! Still not having been approached by a clerk, I leave and head past the gold-tooth selling kiosk to Sears, the home of Pentecostal clothing.

Once inside Sears, I know something is wrong, because the mail aisle is way too big -- not the normal onslaught of merchandise found at more thriving stores. Up I head to the lingerie department. No clerk in site, but, hanging on its own little rack is a selection of "special occasion" undies, including not one, but TWO styles of longline, strapless bras to choose from: smooth or lacy. Price? $28. The only smooth one in my size has a small stain on it from packing, but to hell with it, it's now been over an hour and this is close enough for me. OxiClean is my friend.

After finally getting the attention of one of the three women at the register who are eating chocolate covered pretzels, I pay for my item and leave, hoping for food.

The food court is where all the action is, but not eating-wise. Lots of people, but unless you want pizza, fried fish or greasy Chinese (or a Cinnabon -- tempting, but I must loose weight before the wedding!), you are out of luck. Instead, I head across the aisle to the India Everything store and peruse the 50% off rack.

While back there, a young woman comes in and begins sobbing to the older clerk -- her mom perhaps -- in her native tongue. Awkward for me ... Nothing on the rack would fit my growing body, so I beat as nonchalant a retreat as possible.

Back to Macy's to get out and get the car and run through some fast-food joint (oh joy). On my way, I get accosted by an overzealous perfume lady screeching "try this!" "Are you looking for something in particular?" I'm leaving, I tell her, and finally find my exit.

Back into the sunshine, which feels great after the overly warm, stuffy mall. On the way back, I spy a Wendy's and head over. No entrance. There is concrete in the middle of the road. I finally find an opening about 3 businesses down and try to wind my way back. In the parking lot of Babes, a strip club, I reach an impasse. As a stripper gets into her car, I get back on Lafayette Road. I'm so far down, now, that I've missed all the fast food shops, leaving me with one option: the McD's from hell at the corner of 38th and Meridian.

After the clerk insists I upgrade to a value meal, I take my "food" back to NUVO. After parking catywonkis (I hate rear wheel drive) I hit the button to roll up the window (I hate auto locks and windows) and the cup holder falls out and my diet Coke inverts itself, glugging all over my newly-vacuumed floors -- and my brand new jeans and shirt, which I waited to wear today.

Because it's Friday, and we usually all go out to lunch.

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Date:2007-03-08 13:36
Subject:New wedding dress came in
Mood: happy

And I love it!

However, it still has to be altered, as it's not the "perfect fit" I was hoping for. The straps are too long (of course -- I have no shoulders), the bust needs taken in a bit and the torso needs taken out a bit, as well as it being too long, which I expected. Will get with S later on and have her take a look and see if she can fix it.

Shoes came in today, and they are just what I expected -- my simple fabric Mary Janes I have been wearing since I was 15 and got my first pair in China Town Chicago on a school trip.

Black sash for the dress should be in later today.

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Date:2007-02-20 15:23
Subject:wedding dress nightmare
Mood: stressed

I guess this was a bad time to try to quit taking my Effexor. My wedding dress came in and it is a disaster. I bought it off eBay from a Chinese seller who makes copies of designer dresses. Well, I took the chance and got burned. The sleeves -- what there are of them -- are so small they cut off my circulation and the bodice and skirt are long enough to fit someone about 6 feet tall. To add insult to injury, the zipper broke the first time I tried it on. Shannon is going to try taking it apart and putting it back together at normal proportions, but there is a lot of guess work there, and the bodice has boning, so she's not 100 percent that it can be done. I am just sick over the whole thing. I am tired and irritable, and it's probably more stress than lack of 37.5 mg of Effexor. I filed a claim with Paypal to try to get my money back, but the seller is no longer a registed eBay user, so who knows what will happen. I guess we had just been too lucky, finding beautiful rings at fantastic prices and such a lovely site at such a reasonable price, and even a nice DJ for cheap. Well, now I have the dress to stress over, and I told D that I wasn't going to use him as my caterer because he flat out refused to make my cake that I wanted. I am looking at another place for food, and it's only going to be about $600 more than D -- and they furnish real plates and glasses, no plastic -- but it means I am hesitant to scrap the dress and get a new one because we are on such a tight budjet. Now I understand all the horror stories about freaked out brides.

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Date:2007-02-09 20:57

"The Blue Girl" by Charles de Lint, page 48:

"He was this pale nerdy guy -- sort of like a tall Harrry Potter, the way the character is pictured on the books and in the films, you know, with the black glasses and the kind of messy hair, but gawkier and with a narrower face. Actually, Jared insists the image was stolen from a Neil Gaiman comic book, the one about the kid who discovers he's this great magician -- wait a minute, that's the basic plot of the Harry Potter books, too, isn't it?
"But I digress."


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Date:2007-02-08 23:20
Subject:Basic update
Mood: tired

Still working on wedding stuff. I am trying to cut back on spending so much money. I'm not buying anything expensive, but when you buy 5 inexpensive things each week, that total gets rather high. Then I paid for R's wedding band today, so that was just one large expenditure.

R and I had our engagement pictures done. I'm not totally taken with them, and am hoping our wedding pictures come out better since they won't be taken with a stationary camera.

Things at work are kinda crazy, between random firings and health issues. And threats of me being replaced with a web crawler.

And the fact that BGJ got arrested last night.

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Date:2007-01-30 10:21
Subject:I'm sick again
Mood: cranky

And I'm home and I'm bored and I'm cold. Bitch bitch bitch.

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Date:2007-01-29 12:41
Subject:Note for the day
Mood: enthralled

Brussells sprouts explode if left in the microwave too long.

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Date:2007-01-28 22:16
Subject:So many updates, so little time
Mood: chipper

The most important of which is that R and I got officially engaged. I still need to mail in the deposit, but we have a ceremony/reception site, I've bought a dress, both my rings have been ordered, etc. It's a veritable eBay wedding, and I have gotten rather out of control when it comes to gathering paraphenalia for it via that most addictive of sites. The official date isn't until Oct. 13 and you would think it was next month the way I am spending money. Therefore, all my free computer time has been spent cruising for wedding deals.

In other news ... I re-connected with a very old friend: Louis. He popped up on MySpace and dropped me a line. The whole thing was super conincidental. I had been talking to T and BGJ and Floaty about having dated a guy in seminary, and I checked my MySpace page that night for the first time in almost a week, and there he was. Plus, he lives in Memphis now, R's hometown, AND Louis was going to be in Indy over the weekend. Super weird. I gave him my phone number and told him to call me. I had some second thoughts after reading his blog (ya'll think my friend the Republican Christian is hard-core ...) but it was so great to talk to him again. It had been over 10 years since we last spoke. He is such a great guy. Under all that pastor stuff you can still hear the uber-cool, trench-coat-wearing, long-haired guy I dated way back when. I have always been so blessed with the coolest friends.

I had other little life things I was meaning to post -- such as the diatribe about the Colts the guy at the liquor store regaled me with when I popped in to buy smokes while having a drinking lunch with the girls at Ivy's a couple weeks ago -- but by now the details aren't as funny.

If anyone has a crenoline I can borrow, drop me a line.

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Date:2007-01-09 12:25
Subject:Slowly getting healthy
Mood: sleepy

Very slowly. Three sets of antibiotics later, there is a slight amount of progress: I am hacking crap out of my lungs less often. Still really tired and I can't breathe quite right yet. On the plus side, belly dance started up again last night, and we worked on zills, so I wasn't jumping around.

I am also uber proud of myself: I made a dentist's appointment and a dcotor's appointment. I haven't been to the dentist since the wisdom teeth/major reconstruction about 3 years ago or so. Four maybe? Same for the doctor. I hunted down my old general practicioner and made an appointment, which isn't until March. Oh well, it will give me time to re-save money in my HSA after paying for whatever the dentist has to do to me.

Speaking of me and how hard I find it to keep track of dates, the recent end of year survey I did on MySpace got me to thinking, and I did some personal digging, which required me to dig out those old-fashioned hard-copy diaries -- you know, what we used before blogging? WOW. There was stuff I had totally forgotten about, dating all the way back to about 1994. I spent about an hour just going through everything. In the end, I decided I simply MUST write a novel. However, due to the, ahem, delicate nature of much of the material, I would have to wait to publish it after most of the major players are dead, in order to preserve their reputations, and to keep them from putting a hit on me after finding out stuff they never knew.

In other boring news, since not much is happening with me so sick, I am finally reading "I Am the Cheese" by Robert Corimer, who also wrote "After the First Death," which was one of my fave books back when I was 14ish. Loving "I Am the Cheese," but don't tell me to read "The Chocolate War." I got about half-way through it and was way too bored to continue.

Beef & Boards Saturday with T was OK, and Sunday BGJ and I went to the Phoenix. After the show we went to Ivy's, which we hadn't been to in ages. Hot Man Rick was bartending -- I told BGJ he needs to crawl back up on that since A is now out of the picture. Then we went to Starbucks and Three Dog Bakery, which is kind of treason for me, since I have 3 cats. But I bought a $25 t-shirt with a kitty on it that says "This is the life."

Speaking of, I don't know if I want to get Nimue fixed. She loves everybody and everything now, and her and Merlin have become such good buds.

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Date:2007-01-01 22:49
Subject:Nimue, bronchitus and Saddam
Mood: ... for the U.S.

So today my fixed male cat tried to hump my girl cat's spinal cord.

Lo and behold, Nimue has gone into heat.

Blast it. The vet thought she had been fixed already, but apparently not. However, it meant she was much nicer to Merlin, who, in his castrated glory, tried to hump her ... but didn't quite get it. I think Nimue got pissed that he was so inadequate, and started hissing at him again. Gotta love having a house full of disfunctional animals.

In other news, I went to the Doc in a Box, and I have bronchitus. I got $4 antibiotics from Target, but they made me super sick, so I have to go back tomorrow and see if they can write me a script for something else.

Finally, a video of Saddam's execution can now be found on YouTube. The fact that you can find it, as well as the video itself, are disturbing. I mean, there is no doubt in my mind that Saddam was evil. BUT, the reasons we killed him -- for American oil, pride, Bush having a small-man complex, ect. -- were so very wrong. So, we can insert "South Park: The Movie" jokes all we want. The fact remains that the U.S. is no longer a country that can be proud of itself. We have gone so far over the line, we can't even see the line anymore.

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Date:2006-12-29 23:24
Subject:I am sick again ...
Mood: sick

This time it's in my lungs. I can't believe this is happening ...

R comes home tomorrrow. He left to go home for a week just as I was getting sick. And I haven't done much since he left except watch movies (Pretty in Pink, Peggy Sue Got Married, Last Unicorn, Incredibles and Lilo and Stitch) and color. I can't breathe that well, so I have been taking it easy. And I am tired. Felt like hell today and didn't go into work until 1 and left at 4. I only went in because LM called and harrassed me because she and DH didn't know what they were doing.

My last present came in from R and I got an iCat! It's sooooo cute!

Jonathon stopped by tonight. We were suppose to go out to eat, but I was too sick to do much. But he dropped off prezzies and it was good to see him.

Hope I am better by New Year's ...

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Date:2006-12-25 23:59
Subject:My housekeeper quit
Mood: satisfied

So I am in the market. That was a fuck story, so I won't even go into the details.

Other than Nimue having a glorious case of the runs a couple weeks ago, things have been fairly quiet. Except for my housekeeper quitting.

Are you getting the feeling I am rather sore about that issue?

In other news, my freaky Christian sister sent me an X-mas present. I was afraid of it. I really thought she had either found some coal and wrapped it up and sent it to me, or something worse, like beetles or locusts. Locusts would make sense, see, because of the Moses plagues ... Anyway, R convinced me to open it and it turned out to be 2 bags of Hershey's kisses and a Lowes gift card. No anthrax.

Last night, R and I drove to Terre Haute to meet my parents for dinner. Mom screwed up the time change again, so R and I had about an hour to kill. So I had him drive us out to St. Mary of the Woods College. I was there from 1992 to 1994, until I got engaged to Michael and transfered to the University of Evansville. It was amazing to be back on the compus. It is so beautiful, and Catholic or not, the entire campus is a tribute to the Goddess. So we drove around and saw the alpacas the nuns are raising now (so cute!) and on the way out I had him drive up to the main hall, LeFer. I wanted to see if it was open. It was locked, but a security guard saw us, and when I told him I used to go there, he let us in. He told us about a lot of the upgrades, but what was so sad was he said the enrollment was down to a grand total of 88 students. When I was there, there were about 300 and I thought it was small then. That's so sad. But being there and getting to show R some of it was wonderful.

Dinner with the fam was nice. Mom and Dad got me a gift card to Best Buy so I can get my car speakers, and Grandmama got me cash, which is always nice to have as well.

This morning, R and I got up and swapped prezzies. My big ones were an iDock for my iPod, a nice big leather chair that hasn't come in yet and a ROOMBA!!! It's so freakin' cool! I think I will call it my slave boy. It's the special one for pets, and it did a kick-ass job of cleaning up the floors. Not to mention we wasted about an hour watching Merlin trying to figure out what the hell it was. Who needs cable when you have a cat and a Roomba?

Today, we had the coven dinner, which wasn't quite as feast-like as T-day, but we had plenty and I have lots of ham left over from my first ham-cooking experience. :) Afterwards, some of us went and saw "Happy Feet," which I described as "March of the Penguins" meets "An Inconvienant Truth."

Now I am ready for bed!

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